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All services are provided one-to-one by a Registered Physiotherapist to ensure safe, competent and appropriate treatment of each individuals specific and changing needs.

Assistive Devices Program.

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s (Ontario) initiative that offers assistance with funding for mobility aids.

Geriatrics and Falls Prevention.

As we age, the probability that we will have a fall increases. Unfortunately a simple fall can lead to injury, fear, declining activity and usually more falls.


Orthopedic physiotherapy is the most common area that physiotherapists work in as this field includes conditions that range from minor traumas such as ankle sprains, repetitive strain injuries from work or sport all the way to major traumas from severe falls and motor vehicle accidents.

Neuro Rehab.

The area of Neurological Physiotherapy encompasses a large number of conditions which vary significantly in presentation and thus treatment.


Physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat clients with both cardiac disorders and respiratory dysfunctions.

Motor Vehicle Accidents.

A motor vehicle accident can significantly impact you and your families life. Early and appropriate intervention at home can ease the stress associated with receiving care and accessing out patient therapy.

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