Orthopedic physiotherapy is the most common area that physiotherapists work in as this field includes conditions that range from minor traumas such as ankle sprains, repetitive strain injuries from work or sport all the way to major traumas from severe falls and motor vehicle accidents.

Peggy Bond Home Physiotherapy specializes in pre and post operative orthopaedic surgeries – most commonly seen are knee and hip joint replacements. The stronger the muscles and more mobile the joints are going into an elective surgery, the better the outcome. It is also a great opportunity to have clients become knowledgeable about the specific post operative exercises and practice them pre surgery, as often the muscles around the dysfunctional joint(s) have become weak or inhibited.

Post operatively it is imperative to begin the exercises regularly, correctly and immediately upon discharge and this is where home therapy can’t be beat! Getting to out patient clinics or classes at the hospital can be challenging and the travel to and from these appointments can negate the benefits of the actual treatment.

​In my over 15 years of working with joint replacements, I have found my clients meet and exceed the goals their surgeons have for them at their 6 week and 3 month follow up visits on a regular basis. When they feel ready and able to get to the clinic or hospital, we transfer their care to allow for a seamless continuation of their recovery.

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