Physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat clients with both cardiac disorders and respiratory dysfunctions. Some of the conditions you could see a physiotherapist for include: post cardiac bypass surgery, heart failure, COPD, post lung resection or surgery, post pneumonia to name just a few.

Some clients discharged home from hospital find the trip between home and their outpatient centre challenging and are concerned with potential exposure to infection diseases in these settings which may compromise their recovery. They often prefer to participate in a home-based rehab program temporarily until they feel ready to travel to these outpatient programs. Also to consider is that some of these programs may have a wait list associated with them.

At Peggy Bond Orangeville Home Physiotherapy, we are knowledgeable regarding OHIP funded cardiac rehab programs, COPD exercise classes in the community and other resources to direct and link patients to as appropriate.

With appropriate and regular physiotherapy intervention, an individual can improve or maintain their functional level to their most optimal level whether at home, in their retirement homes or in a long term care facility.  

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