Assistive Devices Program

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s (Ontario) initiative that offers assistance with funding for mobility aids.

All services are provided one-to-one by a Registered Physiotherapist to ensure safe, competent and appropriate treatment of each individuals specific and changing needs.

If a person requires a mobility device (most often a wheelchair or walker) on a regular basis to move about independently wherever they live, they qualify for financial assistance up to 75% of the retail cost. Here is a link for more details:

The ADP client cost for a rollator walker is generally $104.25 based on a typical Category 3 walker- the one with 4 larger 6 to 8 inch wheels, a seat, basket and hand brakes. The government pays the ADP approved vendor directly the outstanding 75%, so you will not have to cover the entire cost at the outset and wait to get money back.

To access this program the Ministry requires an individual be assessed by an authorized health professional registered with the ADP program. The Authorizer performs the assessment and completes the application. The equipment must then be purchased from an ADP authorized vendor.
​If you have extended Health Benefits, the cost of the physiotherapy assessment and the client portion of the walker fee may be partially or fully covered. A doctor’s prescription is not required to participate in the ADP program or the physiotherapy assessment, but may be required to submit your health claim to your insurance provider.

It is very common for me initially to hear people say that they are reluctant to get a walker because they feel using a walker will make them “dependent” and they will become weaker. However, they quickly learn it has absolutely the opposite effect! Once they start using the walker they find they walk further and more frequently. They actually become stronger, develop better endurance and confidence in their abilities. It also helps to decrease their fall risk. If you are starting to touch walls and furniture when you walk, have even a slight fear of falling, or you are starting to go out less, you should consider getting a walker.

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