Neuro Rehab

Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, differing types of dementia, spinal injuries can cause muscles to be rigid, spastic, flaccid, tremor or weak.

The area of Neurological Physiotherapy encompasses a large number of conditions which vary significantly in presentation and thus treatment.
In general, all neurological conditions impact peoples ability to mobilize and perform their activities of daily living.

Regardless of the cause, appropriate exercise, which may be active or passive, is an important part of a comprehensive therapy plan for any neurological condition. A thorough physiotherapy assessment will assess which muscles need to be inhibited or stretched to prevent contractures. Some muscles will need to be strengthened and gait patterns may need to be retrained. Education will be provided to the patient and caregivers on independent management so that our clients can live their lives to the best of their ability.

At Peggy Bond Orangeville Home Physiotherapy, we can work with any other health care professionals – such as physicians, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and medical supply vendors to name a few- to recommend and procure equipment to maximize function and comfort.

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