Geriatrics and Falls Prevention

As we age, the probability that we will have a fall increases. Unfortunately a simple fall can lead to injury, fear, declining activity and usually more falls. A decline in activity levels, general deconditioning post hospital stay or illness, a history of falls or even just a fear of falling are some of the reasons why seniors become unable to remain safely living independently in their own homes.

Regardless of age, beneficial exercise always must be of the appropriate frequency, intensity and design to ensure personal goals are met safely. This is where a physiotherapist’s knowledge of your specific medical history, completion of a comprehensive physical assessment and discussing your personal goals will lead to a specific, effective and safe training program.

Follow up visits can be arranged to accommodate a variety of situations: to provide direct supervision of the program 1-3 times per week or more intermittently for the progression of the home exercise program (for example once every 2-4 weeks) if the client is compliant with doing the exercises properly and independently. Another great option is for the physiotherapist to train family or caregivers (ie. personal support workers) in the home.

Another population of clients we see are in Retirement homes and Nursing homes. Not always do residents in Retirement homes qualify for OHIP funded in-home physiotherapy, but they may require it regardless. We also provide supplementary care in Nursing homes where we communicate and work with the in-house PT staff to maximize our patient’s potential. We travel to “wherever your home is.”

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